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Sustaining Nigerian Languages through Use, Technology and Education in the 21st Century

By Udoh, I. & Urua, E. (2015). A Festschrift in honour of Professor Mrs. Comfort Memfin Ekpo, Vice Chancellor, University of Uyo, vol. 1. Eds. Urua, E. Udofot, I. M. & Uduk, H. pp 62-73.DOWNLOAD

A Report on the Abidjan-Bielefeld-Uyo Introduction to Language Documentation (ABUILD) Project, Language Documentation Beyond Boundaries

By Udoh, I. and Udoinyang, M. (2009). A Festschrift in Honor of Prof. Dr. Dafydd Gibbon, ed. Eno-Abasi Urua, Moses Ekpenyong and Firmin Ahuoa, Uyo: University of Uyo, pp 1-18.DOWNLOAD

Nigerian Indigenous Languages and National Identity, Highlights of the Nigerian Cultural Heritage

By Udoh, I. I. and Okokon Akpan (2006). Ed. Peter A. Essoh and Abiodun J. Oluwabamide, Lagos: Lisjohnson Resources Publishers.

Progressive Formation in Leggbó, Globalization and the Study of Languages in Africa

By Hyman, Larry and Imelda Udoh (2005). Ed. Ozo-mekuri Ndimele, Port Harcourt: Grand Orbit Communications and Emhai Press.DOWNLOAD

An Introduction to General Linguistics

By Urua, E. E. and I. I. Udoh (1992). Basic Humanities, (eds,) Dominus Essien and Luke Eyo, Uyo: Robertou Communications, pp 95-117. DOWNLOAD